Business Tax Services

Cindy Bombard, CPA, has the expertise to provide exceptional business tax services. As a business owner, your emphasis should be spent on running your business and not having to worry about your business taxes and compliance.

Our business tax firm has experience in serving all industries and businesses, ranging from small family owned and operated, to large businesses with all the applicable business taxesWhether you’re looking for small business tax services or tax services for your large business, Cindy Bombard, CPA is here to help.

Cindy Bombard, CPA will work with you throughout the entire year to ensure that we have intimate knowledge of your business. Having a tax advisor understand your business, ensures you are getting the support you need as a business owner. With the support from Cindy Bombard, CPA you can ensure that your business has a chance at success.

The type of business you operate will determine what taxes must be paid and how you need to pay them. There are several general business taxes that Cindy Bombard, CPA can assist you in filing:
  • Income tax
  • Estimated taxes
  • Self-employed tax
  • Employment taxes
  • Tangible Personal Property (Lee & Collier)

Tax Problems/IRS Representation 

Are you losing sleep over your tax problem? Cindy Bombard, CPA can help guide you through your tax problem and help you come to a resolution. Our firm has the experience you need to navigate the IRS bureaucracy. The IRS is not always right, and we are here to help you. We are on your side! We can assist you with IRS representation, whether you have received a notice regarding a prior year tax return(s), haven’t filed in years or are dealing with an IRS audit, lien, or seizure.  We have helped countless clients with a variety of tax issues and problems. Call us today for a free consultation to see how our firm can help you with your tax problem!